Learn A Little About Same Day Virtual Offices

Same Day Virtual Offices, also known as SDV, was founded by Edwin Akoubians in July of 2015. SDV’s goal is to provide competitively priced mail and answering services to small businesses and individuals while bringing additional business to established executive suite and flex-space operators. All of our packages include a virtual office and live answering plans with a business phone number included.

Currently we are working on implementing a softphone that clients can access to dial their business calls. During the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many businesses and professionals are required to work from home and need solutions to keep their business presence active to customers and vendors. As employees are laid off or furloughed, business owners and operators are finding new ways to mobilize their businesses, and a virtual office with a live answering plan is a popular solution.

Our packages are streamlined to keep our involvement simple and easy to understand. Same Day Virtual Offices connects prospective clients with great flexible office operators that can provide services even beyond virtual offices; many centers have meeting rooms available by the hour as well as full-time office space (please contact your office manager for more information).

All live answering services are handled by experienced, professional and delightful receptionists that will not only screen your calls, but will text and email you a message containing the details of your incoming call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We never close!

As the world economy evolves and businesses shift to flexible working, Same Day Virtual Offices is here to bring an affordable quality solution to every business. Thank you for your business and cheers to our 5 year anniversary!

smiling businessman in a suit